Aug 1, 2017

Visiting our Someday Home in the U.P.

We recently spent 10 days working our way through the north woods. Instead of the never-ending majestic wonders you can find exploring out west, the north woods offers small, tucked away secrets. We've only found a handful and expect there is a lifetime to go. That's why we need to move there. Lake Superior calls our names.
The first day, Devon messed up the canoe reservations for the Boise-Brule river, so we floated independently from Justin & Sarah. They floated twice the distance and three to four times the difficulty that we did. I think I enjoyed our version - float, swim, sunbathe, repeat. Major is 90% terrified of water and 10% excited about it.

We met our old friend Jordan for a cruise on Superior out to the Apostle Islands sea caves. We launched our inflatable boats (the Scandinavian Rose and new member of our family, Tequila Rose) from the big boat to explore caves. So amazing. Took a classic dirt road drive to his dad's bachelor castle-cabin in the woods. 

Next we left WI for the UP. Our campsite on Superior was incredible, and so were the appetites of the black flies there. But worth it. We launched our boats back into Superior for an evening paddle. I began my daily swims in the Lake. Some say it's cold, but I say I'm not clean unless I'm Superior clean.

My birthday fell mid-trip and I forced a multi-sport day: paddle the inlet of Copper Harbor, mountain bike, run, swim, eat at Jam Pot bakery (is that a sport?). Finally we ended the day by meeting my family at Fitzgerald's restaurant on the Lake for an amazing meal and company. But, wait - one more thing! - we creek-stomped up to an old dam site and Devon and Sarah risked their lives by jumping into a black hole of possible death (they lived).

 By Thursday it was time to pick up another sport. We head down to Silver Mountain and climbed with the mosquitoes. Again, worth it despite the bug bites. Since multi-sport days were the theme of this trip, next we drove 10 miles down a side road to find some rapids Devon was curious about. It hardly took a glance for Devon, Sarah, and Justin to decide the rapids needed to be paddled. Major and I huddled on the shore and barked at them. I'll just say there was one successful paddler and two people that got thoroughly washed by the Ontonagon River (photo credit: Sarah)

In a welcome break from tenting, we went to our friend Jake's cabin to meet them for the weekend.  Another day of climbing, and three pontoon boat rides later, we finally called the trip done. Tired, happy, and ready to go home.

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  1. There is something superior about Superior country ... your photos capture it.