Dec 24, 2016

FKT Military Ridge

As I write this I realize that as much as I love running it is one of the most boring sports to blog about, much less create a stunning adventure video, etc. But here we go. Yesterday I prepared for Christmas gluttony by running Military Ridge from Camp Randall to Barneveld reversing course from my run with Justin of Fall 2015. My friend Shana assisted me on the pavement portion to the edge of town in the dawn hours. Above, leaving the Capitol view.

 At the edge of town I bid farewell to the pavement. The snow section from Fitchburg to Verona was really rough and I was expecting to have to bail at Verona at the first open coffee shop or bar. Though there had been a lot of snow bikes and skis out, there was not single line of good footing so every step was a struggle. At Verona I thought about life a bit and figured I would continue on, hoping that as I got into the snowmobile zones there would be packed down snow. I was very lucky that the 11 mile section from Verona to Mt Horeb was indeed well packed down and the snow was gone in the center of the sled tracks in many sections. So I was back in business!
The weather was good and it was fun to see the sections that I'm used to biking in the summer, now in full snow.

Who knew that snowmobiles can go 55 mph AT NIGHT? Does this sign imply no daytime speed limit? At Mt Horeb I considered quitting again but had no good excuse. And by then I could break the run into two five mile sections, and worst case scenario I end at Hooterville (my favorite rural bar).  The Mt Horeb-Blue Mounds section was really rough because of wind exposure and crappy footing. But once I made it to Blue Mounds I figured it would be lame to quit four miles from the self-imposed "finish line" in Barneveld. 
Above: the overlook (beer stop on a typical bike ride) in the snow. Below: trail conditions. 
In a very uneventful finish, I took a proof of completion photo at the Barneveld trail stop and ran down the street to my in-laws house which was warm and contained a lot of cookies and beer. The 50k run took 5 hours and 41 minutes and I hereby proclaim it a Fastest Known Time! Sometime when there is less snow I will try to improve on it.


  1. That's great! I'm glad it worked out! World record!

  2. You're an animal! Nice work!!!