Aug 24, 2016

Adventures in China

Here are various 'best of' photos that I don't want to forget from my time in China. 

First five photos, above: pictures taken walking or running around West Lake in Hangzhou.

A pretty decent load on the bike (though it was surely motorized).

Other city views. Traffic was... impressive. Cars, bikes, motor bikes, walkers sharing ten lanes on many streets near campus.

Above: Dogs of China! This one seemed to own this tourist street in Wuzhen. I took a lot of pictures of dogs...perhaps I was missing my own dog some.

Above: My friend Wang who took me running, helped me order good food, and buy bus tickets. Great host!

Above: Silk market - where I spent all my teaching salary. 

Finally! I found a climbing wall, and then a taller one! This one was 18 m I think.

Above: Finding climbing also meant making friends. These two ladies are from China and Tiawan.

Above: My climbing friends from Signapore.

Above: finally figured out my travel style: run towards something interesting on the map. If it is not found, you will at least be running. This time I did make it to the Lingyin Temple and I'm very glad. It was an awesome place with so much history and serenity within the city. One of my favorites of the entire trip.

Above: Picking up incense outside the Lingyin Temple. 

The last weekend of my trip all the UW students and professors and I went to a Huangshan - a national park. It was pretty cool though the usual rain in that area stopped us from really enjoying much of a view. Nonetheless, the hike was cool and through the clouds we briefly grasped the magnitude of the mountains around us. 

Above: A few of my students and I befriended this dog while waiting in the rain at the mountain.

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  1. We'll have to compare notes sometime. I was in Hangzhou and Suzhou in January. Biking through the crowds was extremely fun.