May 22, 2016

Crag Dog and other Miscellaneous

This spring we've been pushing it to the limits with our crag dog. First time out: pretty annoying as he whined while we climbed. Second time: Major began seeing the benefits of all of the attention he could get from other climbers and hikers. Third time was a charm: we tired him out really good ahead of time and he mostly napped cutely at our feet while we climbed.

Incidentally this was Major's fist camping trip too. And first time sharing a tent with us. Cozy!!

That's enough dog pictures, right? Here is some climbing pictures.
Sarah's first time leading Air - THE route to climb in Wisconsin.
Devon on the Tower route. Just a victory lap after doing Early Times.
Justin showing us the meaning of style.
Devon and Major co-napping after this busy weekend. Actually that was yesterday, and as I type this now, On Sunday, they are napping again. Sorry, no time to touch up these pictures, leaving for China tomorrow. Blog should get more interesting then?

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