Jan 24, 2016

A Wedding

Sometimes I don't know what's with weddings anymore. The forces of tradition work against the wishes and personalities of the couple and in many cases the couple ends of losing. Well I am happy to report that Mitch and Marilla did a pretty darn good job of keeping society of it. This wedding was originally proposed as a climbing wedding, and the forces only did so well as to get them a bit dressed up and out hiking instead of climbing. There was no catering, no dancing, no parties, in fact no friends were invited to the ceremony at all. Parents, siblings, and grandparents attended. It was a perfect event in Sedona.

These two let me photo bomb their wedding by being their officiant.
We invoked Edward Abbey and the glory of the desert to wish them a wonderful journey as newlyweds. Congrats to the couple!

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  1. Adorable outdoor wedding photos! Thanks for sharing with us. Anyway, I just love outdoor and destination weddings. The vintage venue NYC is my favorite. The vintage looks of this venue are amazing. I wonder if you have ever been there!!