Dec 22, 2015

There are going to be some Major changes around here.

On October 17, we became dog people. Actually - correction - Devon was always a dog person. But I became a dog person on October 17th. If I begin to smell less than ideal and constantly have a coat of canine hair on my clothes, please call me out on it.
This little guy came into our house at 12 pounds and now several hundred dollars (who know about the dog gear?!?) and 2 months later he has just about doubled in weight.
Above: OK we never saw him when this tiny, he was fostered until 8 weeks. 
Above: Major portrait.
Above: Little Major.
Above: Major's first snow.
Above: Major takes obedience training and then pulls the certificate off the fridge for a snack.
Above: Major ready for first squirrel hunting trip (in dog voice: "You better not leave with out me Devon!!!")
Above: Major doing some serious squirrel hunting.

Above: Major in hunting vest, lest he is accidentally taken for a deer.
Major loves food, people, kids, dogs, and any living creature that might pay attention to him. Sometimes Major gets the hiccups. When he's not biting at my pant legs, tearing my gore tex rain jacket, or being annoying, we love this little puppy. The other fun fact about Major is that we didn't know he was part pit bull until it became obvious in his face and ears. I guess the rescue doesn't want to advertise that!

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