Aug 4, 2015

Golden Summer Part VII - Aspen!

Wildflowers in Aspen!
Photography in Aspen: the easiest thing ever! You don't even have to try to get a good photo!
One weekend in July I tagged along with my friend Blair to visit his wife Lisa in Aspen. I was totally sold on Aspen - so beautiful! Great running, stellar views everywhere, cute downtown, and, I guess if you're into skiing, it's a nice place for that too. 

Blair and Lisa. 
 We took Lisa's hot new jeep up Aspen mountain. I think it had less than 2,000 miles on it to date! The road up was pretty long and somewhat rough but nothing that felt at all dangerous. We were able to drive up one side to the ski lodge at the top and back down the other. Way cooler than a chair lift!
Blair and Lisa and their new baby on top of Aspen mountain.

The road over Aspen mountain.

Lisa's jeep bears multiple Michigan emblems to make sure she is not mistaken for a Colorado native.
 In a serious show of trust, Lisa allowed me to drive the Jeep for a couple miles. I love it! And in my favorite color! If only I had a reason to own a jeep in Madison...
Trying out the jeep!
 Although our weekend was already packed full, I felt like it was a requirement to find time to get up to the Maroon Bells. I woke up early one morning and drove up there for a very short run. The Bells are apparently the most photographed peaks in North America, but I thought I might as well grab a few more shots.
Maroon Bells.

The combination of these two signs on the trail at the Maroon Bells was enough to turn this solo runner around.

Pano from the Maroon Bells.
 We took the scenic (but actually faster) route from Aspen back to Golden on Sunday. It included driving Independence Pass - the highest paved crossing of the Continental Divide in the U.S. at over 12,000 ft. We also stopped at a few cool places along the way and saw the town of Leadville - home of legendary endurance running and biking races.
Blair doing some epic flip-flop canyoneering.

View from Independence Pass

 I guess it's time to start saving my millions for that Aspen dream home. Heck, I'd even take an Aspen tiny house.

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  1. Lovely! And good call on turning around when you were alone in moose/bear country.